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Debut Single
"some you"

July 19, 2024

"My Next Mistake"

Album Cover - My Next Mistake

August 23, 2024

"Somebody Else Will"

feat. Josh David

September 27, 2024

"Scout Speer"




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Scout Speer’s passion for music was kindled in a home on the Tennessee-Alabama line, where her grandaddy’s guitar playing introduced her to the harmonies that bind a family. Raised amid the sounds of country greats and the rustic farming life, outdoor adventures became as much a part of her as her music. At eight, motivated by a promise from her grandaddy to pass down the family guitar, Scout learned to play, earning herself the cherished instrument.

Though her early ambitions were swayed by a successful athletic career in soccer, including a state championship and playing through college, music remained her true calling. Ultimately, Scout set aside her athletic achievements to follow her dream of country music artistry, a testament to the enduring influence of her grandaddy’s introduction to music, and impact of her rural upbringing.

With her distinctly warm vocal tone and genuine, heartfelt lyrics, Scout Speer will be moving from the great outdoors to the Grand Ole Opry in no time.

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